Fashion Trends of Spring 2019

The Top Six Fashion Trends of Spring 2019

Fashion Trends of Spring 2019 – The Top Six

When a season changes, everything else also changes and so does the trends. Every year, there are new trends that we need to follow in order to look stylish and trendiest. This year, Spring has brought so many unique and new trends that need to be followed by every person. The top six fashion trends of Spring 2019 are:


The tie-dye trend is a major trend of Spring 2019. This is the trend that everyone must follow as it has come straight from the runways of New York Fashion Week. The designers from Prada, R13, Eckhuas Latta and Prabal Gurung brought back this trend by showing their artistic tie-dye tops, jackets, pants and dresses on runways. Several celebrities and models were also seen wearing tie-dye tops. So, you cannot become a fashionista in Spring 2019 if you aren’t wearing a tie-dye jacket.

Fashion Trends of Spring 2019

Fashion Trends of Spring 2019


Puff Sleeves:

The 1980’s style is back with puff sleeves. This is so far the sassiest trend of Spring. Marc Jacobs and Brock brought back this style while showing it on runways of New York Fashion Week. These sleeves can be worn on almost all occasions. You can wear them on a date, hang out with friends, night parties or even in the office. Buy a puff sleeves dress and make a fashion statement this Spring.

Biker Shorts:

Are you celebrating Spring season without biker shorts? If yes, then hurry up and get your favorite pair from Prada, Chanel or Fendi because this Spring you would see biker shorts everywhere. The biker shorts and board shorts were seen on the runways and on Kardashian-Jenner sisters. So, you must have a pair or two to rock it with tops, blazers or tailored suits. You can wear these shorts when you are going on a date or for shopping.


Spring is all about colors. You can see flowers of different colors everywhere. To add more colors, famous designers from Coach, Missoni, Alice + Olivia and Libertine introduced patchworking on New York Fashion Week runways. Patchworking is done to make creative and colorful designs. It can be done on pants, shoes, dresses, handbags and jumpsuits etc. The patchwork on denim is quite trending this Spring.

Fashion Trends of Spring 2019


My favorite trend for Spring 2019 is snakeskin. Although all animal prints are trending, but snakeskin print is on the top of the list. The reason is that snakeskin print looks cool and is unique and new. We can see snakeskin print on shoes, handbags, shirts and even dresses.

Bucket Hats:

The bucket hat from the 1990s was trending in 2018 and is still trending in 2019. The bucket hats were seen in Spring 2019 runways shows of Michael Kors and Phillip Lim. These hats provide both fashion and protection from the harmful rays of the sun. They are a must-have accessory this Spring as they look really good with almost every outfit.


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